First Project: Dazzles


As mentioned, Dazzles are the first item on my stash list, and the first project I want to work with.  “Dazzles” are a particular kind of high-end papercrafting sticker, made by Hot Off the Press.  I get mine from the Paper Wishes catalog.  Similar kinds of stickers are made by companies like Magenta, Elizabeth Crafts, Starforms, and others.

These sort of stickers are very complex, delicate, and elaborate — here’s an example.  They are meant to mimic the look of heat embossing without going to all the trouble.  They come in everything from sentiments, to bling, to borders, to very delicate, intricate designs, large and small, for scrapbooking and cardmaking.

Here are my Dazzles and similar sticker sheets:


So my first project is pretty basic: just mounting a selection of Dazzles on a card base, and letting the stickers be the emphasis.  It’s basically the same technique as the Valentine’s card from last entry.

I formed a 5 x 5 card base from a sheet of lavender pearlescent cardstock.

I then mounted three Dazzles, graduated in size, onto white card stock to highlight their blue sparkle color, and give them some stability.  Like this:


I’ve found these stickers are very, very delicate, and the adhesive is strong, so you do not have to burnish them much onto the substrate.  Just use your fingers; don’t use a bone folder or you could tear them up.

Then I fussy-cut them out.  Fussy-cutting can give spectacular results, but I don’t usually have the patience for it.  But these round shapes were not that elaborate, so I managed it.  When fussy-cutting, it’s a good idea to run some pigment in a matching color around the edges of the cuts; it hides little imperfections and gives the cuts a cleaner look.  Here, I used the narrow tip of my Tsukineko Brilliance Galaxy Gold Dewdrop ink pad, as the borders of the Dazzles are in gold.

I then layered the three Dazzles in the center of the card with dimensional adhesive, and added the corner brackets.  Even using my grid mat, it was hard to get those corners to line up right.  I was not entirely successful.


These particular round Dazzles for the central medallion are lacier than I realized before I unmounted them, and left several open spaces of the white base cardstock showing through.  I was not confident of my ability to cut these tiny holes out well with a craft knife, so I just left them. It looks all right.

And that’s it.  These sort of stickers are so intricate, they are good if you need an impressive-looking card in a hurry.  No one will know you just threw some stickers on there.  They’ll think you slaved away.  Last year I forgot to make my husband a Valentine’s Day card, so at about eleven o’clock at night I dug up a red card base, and stuck some of the pink and gold heart Dazzles from the last post on it, and embossed a sentiment inside.  He was suitably impressed.

This card, with the soft pastel colors, might be good for a new baby card. Or maybe for Easter, or a wedding.

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  1. Here’s a thought — if you wanted to do something like this, you could mount the Dazzles on vellum or thin acetate, like the kind that comes covering a sheet of clear stamps, and then you wouldn’t have to worry about the white cardstock showing through.

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