Updated the Stash Yet Again


Argh, I keep finding stuff!  I have updated the stash yet again:

  • alcohol inks
  • a sumi-e (Japanese ink painting) kit my dad gave me for my birthday last year
  • Bo Bunny Serenity Collection Kit
  • Vintaj Patina inks and metal blanks for jewelry and charms

The alcohol inks I have used a fair amount, but I feel I haven’t really stretched their capabilities yet — I’ve really just done the “faux stone” technique on glossy paper, and used them to color a couple metal charms.  I bought them, because one of my favorite parts of papercrafting is trying out new tools and techniques.  But once I did the obvious things with them, I really didn’t know what else to do with them.  Any suggestions?

The Japanese ink painting kit was a gift from my Dad.  He admires my papercafting; I was touched that he got me a crafty gift.  I have tried it, and not had much success — as I’ve said, I’m just not good at painting, I just have no instinct for how to control wet media like paint or inks.  But I saw a book at the library, and maybe if I study up on it I can have more success.

The Bo Bunny kit is an Asian-themed kit, so I got it, because I love Asian-themed stuff, and just squirreled it away.   I got it super-cheap a while back on Steals.com, so I don’t feel too bad about it.

The Vintaj Patina stuff I got cheap on Blitsy.com, because I liked the idea of it, but like so much other stuff, once it got home it went into a drawer and was forgotten about. I also got several of their Deco Etch and Deco Emboss folders to use in a die-cutting/embossing machine, to texturize the metal blanks.  The idea is, you emboss a pattern in the blanks, then color them with the Patina, and then sand them to reveal the pattern in relief against the Patina.  Really, it doesn’t look that hard.  I just need to sit down and try it.

And so, it gets added to the list.  The ever-growing list …


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  1. I’ve been papercrafting for 20 years and wouldn’t even try to list all the stuff I’ve accumulated. I purge often, giving to friends or pitch it in the trash. I quit buying embellishments 2 years ago and don’t regret it. I’ve missed out on the washi tape and twine trends. I don’t want to get sucked into the sequin trend…..oh help me!

    Silliness aside, it’s great fun finding like minded people, trying to get rid of their stash.

    Traci (Depleting My Stash)

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