What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday


I thought this would be fun — post and join the linky on “What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday” over at the blog Stamping Ground.  Voila!


I didn’t try to edit this or pretty it up in any way; it’s late, and I ain’t tryin’ to win any challenges!  I just took this picture with my phone, which is why it’s annoyingly small.  (My phone does not take great pix; I’m disappointed with it.)  Anyway, this is what I’m working on.  Some more cards and things with Dazzles stickers, with different techniques.

I don’t usually leave my desk this messy; I usually work on a project until I’m finished with it, and then put all my tools away.  This is not the case in the rest of my house, which is a disaster, nor at work, where my desk is ghastly.  I am a slob really I’m afraid.  (Whether someone is neat or sloppy seems to be an ineluctable part of their character to me, you can’t really change it. Don’t judge me!)  But my creative space needs to be clean or I can’t, well, create.  This is far,far worse that it usually looks.

But I am in the middle of a major project at work which is kicking my ass, and so while I need some crafting time once home to relax, I’m tired and don’t have the stamina to finish things timely.  I’ll get done in the next few days.

So that’s what’s “on my workdesk,” for Wednesday, March 5, 2014.  What’s on yours?


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  1. Oh noooo, you wouldn’t want to know… It’s always a mess, partly because I share it with my kids, and it’s simply too small for 3.

  2. OMGoodness! If this is messy then you need to come to my playpen (or should I say pig pen LOL)

    Yes I know messy is like beauty, in the EYE of the beholder. I do try to clean up after I finish a project, if I ever reach that point with out having to jump up for something else.

    Still making the LATE rounds, Happy WWOYW
    Krisha #32

  3. great to see you at WOYWW. you and I have different interpretations of mess. I never clean up for my desk photos, you’re right, it’s not a challenge, it’s just a damn good nosey! And yep, I’m with you, this leopard is not about to change her spots!

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