Fusion Challenge 5A


LATER: Here’s a different version of this card which, if not better, is at least more carefully made.  I used the same cardstock for the diecut white circle and the card base, was more careful about the placement of the diecuts, used a simpler diecut that was easier and neater to inlay, and was more careful about stamping the sentiment.  With the size of the diecuts and the circles I wanted to use, I just couldn’t make the swirly thing at the bottom happen, so I just left it out.  Without it, the sentiment just looked weird at the right, so I centered it.  Here it is:


I’m not thrilled with the yellow ribbon, but yellow was part of the challenge, so I added it.  It’s not something I would do on my own, but it looks alright I guess. Just not a color combo I would choose myself.



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  1. I like BOTH of your FUSION cards! And, I’m with you…not a natural choice of color combo for me, but I really like the finished product with these colors together…kinda cheery and happy–like yours are here! And, as far as ‘the swirly thing’ goes…the sketch is for inspiration and you’ve gotta make it work for you, otherwise it’s a wasted card! Love both of your CAS designs, and so glad you chose to play along!

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