A Stamper’s Dilemma


OK, so I have a dilemma.  I just learned that an indie stamp company that I wanted to buy some stamp sets from has gone out of business.   So those stamps are gone forever!  And I know of at least one other company that has gone out of business.

So now I am in a panic, thinking that all these indie stamp companies whose stamps I wanted to buy after my buying moratorium, will be out of business by then!  Well, not all of them, but maybe some.

What to do, what to do?  Should I break my resolution and buy these stamps sets before they’re gone, or tough it out?  Once these companies are gone, they are gone forever.  (Not that I wish that one anyone, of course, but it could happen.)  But once I have those stamp sets, I have them forever.

Plus, buying now would help support these companies.

Of course, this could all be an exquisite rationalization to allow me to cheat.

Thoughts? Advice?  Please leave them them in the comments below.


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