Dazzles: The Negative Space


The last technique I want to try with Dazzles is, working with the negative space of the stickers.  When you peel an intricate peel-off sticker off its backing to use, interesting patterns can be left behind in the form of the sticker material that filled the “empty” spaces of the design. These are stickers in themselves, and can be used on other projects. I’m going to use the left-behind parts of some of the previous projects I’ve done to make new cards.

Negative-space Dazzles require some special handling to use. Specifically, to pick up and use the many tiny, intricate pieces of a pattern like the inner parts of a snowflake, a butterfly, or a flower, you need a transfer sheet, which is a clear length of plastic with an adhesive back.  It looks like this:




Paper Wishes, who make Dazzles, sell these, as do the other companies that make peel-off stickers.  Transfer sheets are also useful for lifting and placing thin, intricate peel-off stickers like sentiments.

To use the transfer sheet, first prepare your Dazzle for transfer.  Cut it out of the sheet, so you can work with it without damaging other stickers on the sheet.




(You’ll want to be more careful than I was here; I got pretty careless and sliced through another sticker.)

Next, remove the surrounding background remains of the sticker from around the outline, leaving only those parts you want to pick up.




Then, lay the transfer sheet down onto the sticker pieces, and burnish down with a bone folder.




The stickiness of the transfer sheet will grab the stickers and pull them from the backing.  And, by being stuck on the transfer sheet, the design will remain together and intact.  I recommend doing this step on top of a non-stick craft sheet, so the edges of the transfer sheet don’t get stuck to anything else.

Carefully peel up the transfer sheet, with the sticker pieces stuck to it.  If you see any pieces are not lifting away, lay the transfer sheet back down and burnish it some more.



Now lay the transfer sheet down over your project and position the stickers where you want them.  Burnish again with the bone folder.  The adhesive backs of the sticker bits will attach to the paper, and come away from the transfer sheet.



Now again, carefully, peel the transfer sheet away, leaving the stickers placed on the project.  Again, if you see any pieces of sticker are lifting away with the transfer sheet, lay the sheet back down and burnish some more.



That’s all there is to it.  The transfer sheets retain their stickiness and can be used several times, although they won’t last forever.

You can see a video of this process on the Paper Wishes website, here.

Here is my final project.  I used the negative space from the leaf Dazzles I used on this project.




I added stems with a gold gel pen, to enhance the image of the leaves, but other than that, I am pleased with the Impressionistic style of the stickers.  The sentiment is from Technique Tuesday.  This is the first time I have used it. (NBUS)

I also made an ATC with the negative space of another sticker.




I finished it off with a border from the same sticker sheet.  If you are observant, you’ll notice that this flower is the negative space from the flower on the ATC in this post.

So, at long last, I have done every project I wanted to do with Dazzles stickers, and truly crashed my stash.  I’m going to take a couple days off, and then will be back with a new set of projects using materials I’ve never used before.

Thanks for reading along with me!




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