What’s on your Workdesk Wednesday.  Gosh, I hadn’t realized it’s been last Wednesday since I posted.  A week goes by so fast these days! I think most of what’s on my desk is what was there last week.

Long weekend or no, I haven’t made much progress in cleaning my office.  I bought a new bookshelf and put it together, put some things on it, but that’s about all.  I’m still settling into my new job, and I’m just so wrecked when I come home in the evenings!  The weekend was mostly about recuperating.  And, we went out of town to see family on Easter Sunday, and the hubster and I both found the drive home unusually taxing this time, so we didn’t get much done after that.  Went to bed way early, for us.

Excuses, excuses.  I guess i can shuffle a few things around tonight before i g to bed.  If I do a little every night, eventually it’ll get done.


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  1. Tidy space you have there I love those little studio g square inks so easy to go thru the new circle ones I am not to find of bug I think I was told they are coming back yah happy woyww hugs Nikki 4

  2. Hi Kirsten, tidy desk but yes with the Easter holiday break most of us were taking some time elsewhere or with visitors (I had our gorgeous GD to cuddle, visiting) Hope work settles for you and you get to craft at your desk soon, Cheers and have a great week Robyn#18

  3. A new job is exhausting, it’s a fact, and you should be kind to yourself about recuperating in the evenings. Lots of early nights! But that’s the great thing about our hobby..no sell by dates, no noise..it sits quietly and behaves nicely till we’re ready to play.

  4. sometimes our creativity has to take a backseat to lif, that’s okay as long as we get back to it as soon as life allows. the stress of a new job is normal and I am sure things will settle down soon. Hope this weekend you can find some time for you to create! Diane #58

  5. Glad the job is going well, and you had a good Easter. I hope you feel more refreshed now, and can manage to make some ‘me’ time soon, to be able to craft. Love, Chris # 19

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