Watercolors: Basic Washes 4


Sorry I have been so silent lately. But the electricals blew out in my office, and it took a while before I could get the electrician out.  I had some family stuff, too — my Mom was in the hospital, but she is out now and things are OK for the time being, so I was able to turn my attentions to my crafts for a while. Here are a couple cards made with some of the basic watercolor washes I made in earlier blog posts:




The dragonfly panel on this card I stamped and black heat-embossed on the purple watercolor Gelatos wash I made here.  The darker purple mounting panel was cut with the Spellbinders Distressed Edges nesting dies, my first time using them, so NBUS, as Darnell says.  Mostly I kept it simple, no bling, to showcase the washed panel. This second card is stamped on one of the Twinkling H20s panels. Try as I might, I could not catch the iridescence of the paint in the photo, but this shot does show the banded nature of the wash well enough.  Again, simple.




I swear, I lined that sentiment up with a grid block and it still came out crooked!  I have problems with my eyesight, I think that is why I have such trouble with straight lines. I think I need to adopt a more naturalistic, flowing style that is not so dependent on straight lines and things lining up nicely. I’m trying to figure out what that is.


The pink Gelatos panel I butchered during the course of making a card, and it had to be discarded.  It’s not often that I screw things up so badly that a card has to be trashed, but it happens.


I was signed up for the Watercolors for Card Makers Online Card Class, but I haven’t been able to attend much, with my Mom’s sickness, and no power in my office.  But we have a week to work before the class closes, so if I do any of those projects, I will post them here too.


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