Watercolors: Embossed Resist


The next step in our exploration of watercolors, and also of the Online Card Class, is watercoloring over heat embossing.  This is supposed to give interesting effects as the paint pools around and within the embossed design.

Well, I’m getting frustrated with it, and I can’t be the only one.




Here is my third attempt.  I’m sorry to say, this card looks crappier on camera than it does in real life.  But both ways, the paint is blotchy, and I am disgusted at how the orange paint stained the embossing on the sentiment.  Why did it do that? Why only the orange?  This is after three separate attempts to clean it, too.

Trying to clean the sentiment dabbed paint away from around the letters, so I went in with a fine-detail brush and tried to add more paint around the letters of “You Are,” to try and increase the contrast. Not sure it really worked.  One of the things the instructors for the class reiterate again and again with the watercolors is that less is more — you have to let the watercolors blend and move on their own.  The more you try and fuss around and fix it, the worse you will make it.  I think this is an example of that problem.  Trying to fix the stained sentiment just made everything worse.

Another thing they stress is that you won’t really know how a piece looks until it completely dries — the colors and the lines of where the water went and mingled change when dry.  That happened here, too — it wasn’t as streaky when it was still damp.

So, this card is not bad enough to pitch straight in the circular file, but it is hardly my finest moment.  I mounted the panel on some plain white watercolor paper, and then on black cardstock.  Maybe when I look at it tomorrow, it will not seem so hideous.

We’ll see.  Either way, I’m about ready to move on to other techniques.




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