What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday 260




What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday #260 .

Just stuff, the cards from the last post I made, stamps for the watercolor stamping series, my water brushes, some craft foil. I haven’t been doing much.  The last Online Card Class finished last week, and keeping up with those while working full time can be a strain sometimes.  Sometimes I need a break.

There is an ATC swap to celebrate the five-year anniversary of WOYWW. Looking forward to seeing how that goes.

And that’s all.



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  1. Hi – enjoy the break, now the course has finished. When juggling job and ‘life’ it’s very easy to lose sight of who we are and where we’re going – so (take it from one who found out the hard way!) – take time out to be kind you yourself and ‘pick the flowers’. You’re very precious, and ‘me’ time is essential, not a luxury. Have a lovely week, Chris # 15 xx

  2. oooo your desk looks interesting and I love the cards and the watercolour blue flower in the spinning thing, it looks stunning. I hope your enjoy the break now the course is finished. I bet it’s hard doing a full time job as well, I have been there and it takes it out of you. Can you please email me your addy as I’m your woyww atc swap partner – kerryhickton at ntlworld . com (trying not to say the actually email address as I don’t want spam picking it up lol). Happy 5th Woyww 🙂 Kezzy xxx

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