Hello, all. I’m sorry I haven’t posted in such a while.  I have been feeling at a low ebb creatively for about a month.  It happens.  I haven’t posted because I haven’t made much. I made a birthday card for a family member, but i couldn’t post that, because she reads my blog.  That would be no fun, to spoil the surprise. But, I have done one thing that’s good — I cleaned my office!  Check it out!




Last weekend I just really got to it, and went around the room clockwise, putting away everything that needed to be put away, deciding whether to keep or pitch things, and dusting and vacuuming.  This is a big deal for me. I am a slob. I hate housecleaning.




I even cleaned my desk — took every single thing off of it, and decided what I actually needed on my desk to work, and put away or got rid of everything else.  I don’t think my desk had been really cleaned in a year. Huge move!

I suppose I might have to consider if I might be a little depressed, that a task as simple as cleaning a room seemed so insurmountable to me.  Or else I am just super-duper lazy.  But either way I got off my ass finally and did it.

It feels good to have a clean space in which to work.

And then of course the very next day the cat threw up on the sofa.  Goddamn cats!

The reason I wanted to do this was because I do creative writing, as well as papercrafting, and I wanted to start revising a novel I wrote.  I really need a clean, ordered desk and space in which to try to a task that major.  So I have been doing that, and it doesn’t leave much energy for papercrafting. There is only so much creativity to go around. Especially if you work full time as well.

Well, I am starting the new Online Card Class next week, Stretch Your Stamps 2, and I’m hoping that will rekindle my interest.  But if not, that’s OK too. Things move in cycles.  Creators need down time to recharge too.

But I’ll try and post more often, either way.


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