Studio Calico “More Bright Ideas” class



Whilst taking the Online Card Class, I happen to be taking another class at Studio Calico as well, called “More Bright Ideas.”  It’s about new ways to use the products in your stash, yay!  I signed up for them at different times — they just happen to run concurrently. It’s taught by Nicole Samuels.

The first lesson is about using ribbon and fabric.  The project given was a scrapbook layout, and I don’t really do that.  Also I don’t use ribbons or notions on my cards much, as needle-crafting is not one of my other crafts.  But I have a few, and there’s no reason I can’t put some ribbon on a card:




I have a pack of American Crafts self-adhesive ribbon.  The project in the class involved laying fabric down like a swatch of patterned paper behind a die-cut aperture.  So, I lined up some of the ribbon under a hexagon window punched from a card.  This is the second attempt — I completely botched the first one.  It was all going fine until I completely screwed up laying the die-cut panel over the ribbon layers.  That’s the worst, when you screw up at the last step.

Not quite sure what sort of sentiment to use here.  If I ever found a sentiment shaped like a hexagon, that would be super-cool.  This will probably be a card I hold onto until the right time arrives, and I’ll add an appropriate sentiment then.

Sorry the picture is so grainy — I took it with my phone. My phone’s camera has been acting up lately.




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