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One Sheet Wonder Inspired



While working with the Indie Chic Collection Kit I have, I noticed a lot of the pre-made sentiments and embellishments — the die-cuts and such — were really too big for the 3-inch squares of DP we are using in the One Sheet Wonder class. They needed a bigger ground. So I cut some three-and-a-half inch squares, but otherwise followed the templates. (More or less.) Here are some.





I really enjoy the bright colors against the kraft cardstock.  I didn’t think I would like kraft, until I started working with it.  But this contrast is something I keep coming back to again and again.





More One Sheet Wonders



Here are more cards I’m learning to make using Jessica Taylor’s One Sheet Wonders technique:






The paper is the Indie Chic collection from MME.  (NBUS) I got the entire Collection Pack real cheap on, so it came with ALL the embellishments.  And I used them.  Maybe too much — but I wanted to honor the boho, artsy style of the collection itself.  Thus I used more embellishments than I usually do.  Not my usual style, but it’s good to try different things from time to time.

Something Different



Christmas cards aside, I’ve been feeling kind of … bored with cards lately.  My card box is overflowing, I need to send out many of the ones I have before making any more.

I’ve been wanting to try something different.

So I did.  Here is a little pendant.






It is a tile pendant from a kid’s kit I bought:  Tile Art Necklaces by Creativity for Kids. (NBUS)

I don’t have any kids of my own, but I like to buy kid’s art kits: they don’t cost very much, they include everything you need to try a new project or technique, and since, you know, they’re for kids, you’re relieved of any pressure to make it great.  It’s just a child’s toy.  The quality of materials isn’t great — but if you find a technique or project that you like, you can invest in better tools and materials if you make more of them.

So this starts with a glazed ceramic tile, 1 in ch square.  I stamped and trimmed a piece of neutral decorated paper, stamping with the Chinese ideograms.  I affixed the paper to the tile surface with several layers of Mod Podge.  After a few layers I realized with annoyance that the Mod Podge I have is Matte and not Gloss — and it dries very matte indeed.  So I topped it off with a layer of Glossy Accents.  I added a small sprinkle of gold glitter on top of the Mod Podge before applying the Glossy Accents, and embedded a black gem in the Glossy Accents.

The kit comes with self-adhesive ribbon to finish the edges of the tiles. Glue a finding on the back and it is done.

I like it OK.  I’ve been wanting to combine papercrafting and jewelry making for a while, so I think I will make more of these.

Thanks for looking.  Leave a comment if you like seeing me branch out.



A Christmas Tip


I just found that Lindsay the Frugal Crafter has a “stash-busting” Christmas card tutorial on her blog from October, using patterned paper and washi tape, here.  If you like crashing your stash, you might want to check it out.

If I find similar things, I’ll add them here too.

UPDATE: Here’s another one at Lostinpaper.  A similar technique, using random strips of paper, but a very different outcome.

Traditional Red & Green Christmas Cards




More cards from the Holiday One Sheet Wonders class.  If you’re visiting from the class, you’ll note some of these sizes are non-standard.  I messed up the cuts from the template.  I don’t even know where I went wrong.  I even messed up cutting some of the card bases!  I don’t know where my head was that night.  But I SOLDIERED ON, using the principles from the class to use the cuts I had. And I think they turned out fine.

I enjoyed dolling them up with various embellishments, but again, I think the embellishments support the DP rather than detract from it.  This class has given me new confidence in working with patterned paper — how to just let it’s do its thing and take center stage on the card, instead of burying it under inks, stamps and embellishments.

I’m also enjoying the kraft cards with the Christmas papers and embellishments,  I didn’t expect that.  I never thought of kraft paper as Christmasy — but in the right combinations it can be.