Traditional Red & Green Christmas Cards




More cards from the Holiday One Sheet Wonders class.  If you’re visiting from the class, you’ll note some of these sizes are non-standard.  I messed up the cuts from the template.  I don’t even know where I went wrong.  I even messed up cutting some of the card bases!  I don’t know where my head was that night.  But I SOLDIERED ON, using the principles from the class to use the cuts I had. And I think they turned out fine.

I enjoyed dolling them up with various embellishments, but again, I think the embellishments support the DP rather than detract from it.  This class has given me new confidence in working with patterned paper — how to just let it’s do its thing and take center stage on the card, instead of burying it under inks, stamps and embellishments.

I’m also enjoying the kraft cards with the Christmas papers and embellishments,  I didn’t expect that.  I never thought of kraft paper as Christmasy — but in the right combinations it can be.

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