Patterned Paper


I need to get back to crafting.  It is a major stress reliever for me.  Going into that right-brain mode, forgetting everything else for a while, helps me cope.  Not that I have all that much to cope with … but you know.  Everyone needs an outlet.

Of all the projects i could tackle in my stash list, still I find myself wanting to work with patterned paper.  The One Sheet Wonder classes I took from Jessica taylor were fun and I’d like to continue working with that.  So my idea is to make two projects from each of my patterned paper stacks.  And, since I currently have more cards than I know what to do with, one of them should be something else.  These should keep me busy for quite a while, since I have a lot of paper pads:

a huge stack of paper pads

Or, you know, until I get bored with it.  This isn’t a penance; it’s supposed to be fun.

So this is the first pad I’ve chosen to work with:



This is the Far East Stack 2 from DCWV. (One of my favorite paper companies.)  I also have the first Far East stack; it was one of the first ones I bought.  That one has more of a classical Asian kind of feel, with pages reminiscent of classical Chinese landscapes, Chinese ideographs, and cool colors.  This one has a more baroque, kind of Chinoiserie feel — lots of bright red, Chinese lanterns, gilded dragons.

Here is my first card from this stack:




I used a dark paper as the base, fussy-cut some flowers from the same design paper, only in red, and popped them up.  I added some Asian style peel-off stickers (Dazzles.)

Now this is not my most favorite card I ever made, but it will do.  I had a hard time figuring out where to place the cut flowers, but I like them in a line like that.

So, just a brief post showing what I’ve been up to.  I just wanted to get back in the saddle.  Thanks for stopping by!

UPDATE: I am entering this in the Craft Stamper March blog challenge.  Craft Stamper is my favorite stamping magazine.  They teach tons of techniques, and do a lot more than just cards.  IT’s a British magazine, so it costs a bit to subscribe from across the pond, but to me it’s worth it.  I like their style.

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