Patterned Paper: Far East Stack 2


Here is my second project from the Far East Stack 2:


Far East earrings


These are earrings I made using an Epiphany Crafts hexagon Shape Studio punch.  It simultaneously punches paper, and covers it with a shaped epoxy cap.  They have buttons, banners, butterflies, all kinds of shapes.  I like hexagons.

The background is tone-on-tone paper with Chinese writing from the stack.  I stamped it with another Chinese ideograph, then punched it, and mounted the paper-backed epoxy in a bezel.   Epiphany sells bezels for their various punch shapes.  The bezels are NBUS, although I’ve used the epoxy caps before.

I went through a jewelry-making phase a few years ago.  I’m better at papercrafting, but I still have all the tools and findings.  With these punches and such, I can do both.

Obviously, there’s a ton more paper in the stack to work with, but I said I’d do two projects.  So, on to the next stack!  I wonder which it will be?

UPDATE: The Clear It Out Challenge has a theme of “Anything Goes” this week, so I added these earrings.  Why not?


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