It’s not very often that a card I make is a total effng fail, but this one sure is:


It’s so bad I felt I had to memorialize it.  How many things can you find wrong with it?  Let me know in the comments!

Oh, and on top of everything, the damn cat stepped on it too.



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  1. I Don’t think it’s a fail – even if you think it is, it isn’t a fail because you learn from it.
    However, it does look a bit unfinished – maybe add a rough border with acryllic paint on the edges, or a black pen sketchy border?
    One of the feathers hasn’t stamped well, you could stamp it again on another piece of paper, cut it out and glue it on top (my solutions for misstamps often). Maybe for balance stamp and cut out the other feathers too. Or get a stamping ruler/thingamajig to line out stamps, and restamp the image. Maybe with embossing ink and emboss with black embossing powder. Not sure how the tape reacts to that though. Don’t forget to wipe the card with an anti-static bag first for best results.
    The stamped image doesn’t really get the focus – you could solve that by colouring it, even if it’s just one watery colour that makes it different from the rest. Use some acryllic paint. Use colours that appear on your washi tape/black/white / same colour as the border.

    I believe in posting cards that you aren’t happy with, indeed to learn from it, and as a reminder. Check out the image I got in my sidebar about the GAP ;).
    I can easily post a beautiful card, and next card is a card I think I’m never giving to someone as it just didn’t end up as what I had in mind.

    The online world is incredibly polite though, sometimes a bit too polite, so I doubt you’ll get much tips on how to improve a technique / salvage a “lost” cause / ideas on what to do with projects you’re stuck with. I prefer the honest approach and like good criticism to be able to learn from, grow from and get good ideas from. I don’t think fails are bad, it’s a learning process. It shows you’re willing, you’re daring to take risks, leave the trodden and known path aside.

    I also hardly ever give up on a failed card. I can fail a failed card several times even, trying to make it better :P. (There’s always acryllic paint or gesso that covers almost everything… it would leave you with a nice texture of the washi tape, but I don’t think that’s necessary with your card!

    Next time when your cat wants to step on it though, ask it to walk through paint first because a pawprint would be cute!

    • Well thank you Debbie for the very comprehensive reply! 🙂

      I too find the rah-rah positivity of the crafting blogosphere oppressive sometimes. I would welcome constructive criticism like yours here more often.

      The funny thing is, the card looks better in the photo than it does in real life. The contrast is higher in the photo. IRL you really have to stare at it to see the dreamcatcher against the washi tape background. With that, and the bad stamping, and the dirty smudges all over it, I thought, oh, forget it. The times I have felt a project went so bad that I completely disassembled or discarded it are few, but those times do happen.

      Projects seldom turn out like I envisioned them. Sometimes they are better, sometimes worse, but usually, it’s just that they are different than I imagined them to be. I understand it’s that way with other kinds of art, too.

      • Oh, and yes, I am familiar with Ira Glass’s piece about “the gap.” I am very aware of that. I am still in the gap, for sure.

  2. Wouldn’t it be a great challenge, to grab a halffinished card of someone else and finish it?
    Here is what I meant, sort of. I only used 2 acryllic paint dabbers (didn’t like the green border so put black on it, then thought it wasn’t scribbly enough so added white gelpen on it). White gelpen, black pen (ofcourse that is easy on printed paper), some distress markers – turqoiuse and tumbled glass. And black sooth as well, for easier coloring the edges.

    • I actually love this idea — we could trade — but unfortunately I have already thrown out the dreamcatcher card. Did it as soon as I made that post. Really didn’t feel there was any part of it worth saving. This was before I saw your comment.

      Maybe next time! But anyway, thank you for the comments and the encouragement.

      I can’t see the card you linked — I’m getting a 404 error. Did you take it down?

      • I do have a few failed cards, but as I am not done yet trying to make them work, they’re not posted yet 😛 Although Im running out of options as I allready covered it with paint etc. I’ll see if I can make a post this week with cards that need rescuing!
        Editing a printed image is easier then editing the existing card, due to coatings and texture etc. I know washi tape can be annoying to stamp on – I’ve got washi tape, but use it mainly to temporarily tape down dies to paper or paper masks etc….

      • Well well well, Debbie, I see what you mean about rescuing a card! What you have done with my failed card here is very different from what I originally envisioned, but it works! I guess I will have to try harder with cardfails in the future.

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