30 Day Color Challenge, Day … 6?


I guess I’m kind of losing track.  I’m just dipping into and out of the color challenge as it suits me, as I see things I like, and not flogging myself over not posting something every single day.

Here is my latest:


This is a technique demonstrated by Jennifer McGuire during the Day 2 blog hop, which she calls “negative space coloring.”  Stamp a stamp, emboss it, but leave it blank and color around the outside — the negative space of the image.  I like this idea a lot in theory, but I am having trouble with the implementation.  This is my second attempt. (The purple one)  I’m having trouble with the composition — the stamp is just floating there — and with blending the colors, and with staying outside the lines.  I don’t know.  It’s funny how some people ace a technique, and others just can’t. But then they master a technique the next person never could.  I guess that’s art.

The stamp here is from Woodware, and as you can see I colored it with my Zig Clean Color markers, on Daler Rowney watercolor paper.  Actually this is a watercolor cardstock postcard — it’s stamped on the back with lines for an address and a place to put a stamp. I used the Zigs straight from the pen, no water — it may have been too much.  I did go back afterward and mist it with water and life some of the color up, which helped I think.

If I can think of anything useful to do with this piece, I’ll show you.  Any suggestions?


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