Monthly Archives: December 2016

Finally, a post!



I made a card:




First card I’ve made in months and months!  I was having a dry patch for a while — sometimes you get tapped out and you need to let your creativity rest.  And, my schedule changed at my job — I was working more nights and weekends.  And then I was concentrating more on creative writing for a while — I sold two short stories this year.

But I missed cardmaking.  I had to clean up my office, too, so around the Thanksgiving holiday I started doing that.  I pulled my basic tool drawer out to organize it, and I was surprised at the pleasure I felt just touching and seeing my papercrafting tools, my bone folder and scissors and stamps.  Many happy memories.  It made me want to craft again.  So, once I was done cleaning, I pulled out an Annie’s Craft Club kit I had long wanted to use, and made the first card in the kit.

It’s not great — there are several mistakes, I’m out of practice.  But it’s good enough, and it was a card, and I made it, and I was happy.

After that, I was able to quickly knock out a few Christmas cards using the One-Sheet-Wonder technique.  With those, and what I had left over from last year, I had enough cards to send out to immediate family and close friends.

Now, I’m trying to decide, now that the pressure’s off, should I make some more Christmas cards for next year, or put all the Christmas stuff away and move onto new things?  What do you think?  What are you doing?

Either way, I’m glad to be back to papercrafting, and hope to be posting projects on the blog more often in the new year.  Happy new year to all.