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Dazzles: The Negative Space


The last technique I want to try with Dazzles is, working with the negative space of the stickers.  When you peel an intricate peel-off sticker off its backing to use, interesting patterns can be left behind in the form of the sticker material that filled the “empty” spaces of the design. These are stickers in themselves, and can be used on other projects. I’m going to use the left-behind parts of some of the previous projects I’ve done to make new cards.

Negative-space Dazzles require some special handling to use. Specifically, to pick up and use the many tiny, intricate pieces of a pattern like the inner parts of a snowflake, a butterfly, or a flower, you need a transfer sheet, which is a clear length of plastic with an adhesive back.  It looks like this:




Paper Wishes, who make Dazzles, sell these, as do the other companies that make peel-off stickers.  Transfer sheets are also useful for lifting and placing thin, intricate peel-off stickers like sentiments.

To use the transfer sheet, first prepare your Dazzle for transfer.  Cut it out of the sheet, so you can work with it without damaging other stickers on the sheet.




(You’ll want to be more careful than I was here; I got pretty careless and sliced through another sticker.)

Next, remove the surrounding background remains of the sticker from around the outline, leaving only those parts you want to pick up.




Then, lay the transfer sheet down onto the sticker pieces, and burnish down with a bone folder.




The stickiness of the transfer sheet will grab the stickers and pull them from the backing.  And, by being stuck on the transfer sheet, the design will remain together and intact.  I recommend doing this step on top of a non-stick craft sheet, so the edges of the transfer sheet don’t get stuck to anything else.

Carefully peel up the transfer sheet, with the sticker pieces stuck to it.  If you see any pieces are not lifting away, lay the transfer sheet back down and burnish it some more.



Now lay the transfer sheet down over your project and position the stickers where you want them.  Burnish again with the bone folder.  The adhesive backs of the sticker bits will attach to the paper, and come away from the transfer sheet.



Now again, carefully, peel the transfer sheet away, leaving the stickers placed on the project.  Again, if you see any pieces of sticker are lifting away with the transfer sheet, lay the sheet back down and burnish some more.



That’s all there is to it.  The transfer sheets retain their stickiness and can be used several times, although they won’t last forever.

You can see a video of this process on the Paper Wishes website, here.

Here is my final project.  I used the negative space from the leaf Dazzles I used on this project.




I added stems with a gold gel pen, to enhance the image of the leaves, but other than that, I am pleased with the Impressionistic style of the stickers.  The sentiment is from Technique Tuesday.  This is the first time I have used it. (NBUS)

I also made an ATC with the negative space of another sticker.




I finished it off with a border from the same sticker sheet.  If you are observant, you’ll notice that this flower is the negative space from the flower on the ATC in this post.

So, at long last, I have done every project I wanted to do with Dazzles stickers, and truly crashed my stash.  I’m going to take a couple days off, and then will be back with a new set of projects using materials I’ve never used before.

Thanks for reading along with me!



Back to Dazzles: Coloring


I have three more Dazzles techniques I want to try, and then I think we will all be glad to move on.

Interestingly enough, the Spring 2014 issue of CardMaker magazine has a good article about working with these kinds of stickers — “Creating with Peel-Off Stickers” by Sharon M. Reinhart, on page 64.  It talks about the different brands, how to handle and work with the stickers, and several different techniques.  The article explains and demonstrates many cool techniques with Dazzles types stickers that I hadn’t even imagined, like using them as a template to apply glitter to a project and create a “burnished velvet” look, or applying them to acetate.

The technique I’ve tried here is coloring within the stickers once they are applied to your project, as so:


Here I just applied some Elizabeth Crafts dragonfly stickers to a plain card, and colored in the negative spaces of the stickers with Spica glitter pens, to imitate the iridescent quality of a dragonfly’s wings.  As always, the glittery quality doesn’t come across too well in the photograph.  Maybe under the Ott Light:


Even with all the glitter, though, the card still seemed kind of dark to me somehow, and needed something to lighten it up. So I added several gems.  The way they catch the light definitely brightens the card to me.  The sentiment is from Studio G, and is just stamped in VersaFine, as I didn’t want it to distract from the dragonflies.

I also used peel-off stickers to make some artist trading cards.  For this one, I colored in the sticker with Letraset metallic pigment markers.


The card is a pre-cut, resist varnished card from Creative Imaginations.  I swiped over it with Shaded Lilac Distress Stain to bring out the resist.  The sentiment is from Inkadinado and was stamped in black StazOn, to cover the resist varnish as needed.

For this next ATC, I colored in the dragonfly’s wings with Sakura Gold Shadow pens.  They are gel ink pens with a colored underlayer and a top layer of metallic gold.


The effect, if you are writing or drawing line drawings with them, is of a gold line with a colored halo.  Here, on this card, trapped in the negative spaces of the stickers, the gold ink all pooled on the top, and the different colors weren’t very visible. I was a little disappointed, but that is why I am working with different things, to learn how to use them.  So, to complete the card, I sponged around the dragonflies with some Martha Stewart metallic pigment inks.  Of course I got some of the ink on the stickers, and when wiping it off, I discovered that I could wipe off some of the Gold Shadow ink to reveal the color underneath!  As I hope you can see here:


It actually looks less messy and more interesting IRL.  Like I’ve said, the camera is unforgiving.  I consider this is a happy crafting accident. I really like the effect. I will have to experiment with this on a larger canvas!

And finally, I have this ATC, made with flower Dazzles.


The Dazzles have a sort of pebbly green pearlescent finish, with gold borders, as you can see here:


I colored the central flower in with Derwent metallic colored pencils.

I colored the background of this ATC a while ago, when I was experimenting with ATCs, and frankly I don’t remember what it is.  Next time I will pencil a little note on the back as to what the pigment is.  I’m pretty sure it’s either Distress Inks or Distress Stain — perhaps Evergreen Bough? But I can’t say with certainty.


Dazzles & Patterned Paper 2


Here’s some more examples of Dazzles-type stickers on patterned paper:


This sticker sheet is from Elizabeth Craft Designs.  All of these stickers come from the same sheet.  On the left I backed them with a soft blue floral pattern, and on the right with hot pink.  I wanted to show how, by differing the patterned papers used under the same stickers, you can end up with something soft and subtle, or something big and bold.

I don’t now where the blue paper is from — it was in a blog candy prize I won from the Simon Says blog a while back.  The pink paper is from an American Crafts 6 x 6 pad that doesn’t seem to have a name; it’s birthday-themed papers.  I got it at Michaels.

Both sentiments are from the Fiskars “Make a Wish Quotes” set, stamped on the left with VersaFine Onyx Black and on the right with Hero Arts Neon Pink.  I added some bling to the center of the flowers on the white card, and Glossy Accents to the center of the flower on the kraft.

Dazzles & Patterned Paper


Another fun thing you can do with Dazzles, since they have so much negative space usually, is apply them over patterned paper, which will give a very different look than using them on plain paper.  That’s what I did here:


These particular stickers are by Magenta. I affixed them to a sheet of patterned paper, and then fussy-cut them out.  I then mounted them on a card front of complementary paper from the same stack, and popped one up for interest.

The paper is from the same “Bright Punch-Outs” stack from Wal-Mart that I used recently here, the first stack I ever bought. I really do enjoy this stack. I’ll be sad when it’s gone.

The sentiment is an epoxy sticker from Cloud 9 Designs, mounted on some silver foil tape from Ranger.  It says, “To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides.”  When I was looking for a sentiment, I wanted to use these epoxy stickers, and I thought, the sun …. leaves … photosynthesis — leaves feel the sun and turn energy into matter … so that’s the thinking there.

I am going to enter this card into these challenges:

Shopping Our StashEmbellish Me — you have to create your own embellishment.  I created the leaves out of stickers and patterned paper.  I also kind of created the sentiment by backing it with foil tape.  And using the first paperp stack I ever bought is *really* shopping your stash!

Open Minded ChallengeMonochromatic — because duh, right? 🙂


Leaf Dazzles Card Again


Here is a better picture (I think) of my foil leaf Dazzle card, which I am going to enter into the current Shopping Our Stash challenge, “Ooh, Shiny!


The “shiny” part, just to be clear, is the copper foil leaf stickers, which i then colored in with Copic markers.  I think you can see their shine pretty well in the picture here.

You can read more about my work with these stickers here and here.

I am also submitting it to the Cardz4Guys challenge, CAS.  The kraft cardstock and earthy colors make this a good masculine card, I think. I was thinking of giving it to my dad for his birthday.

I am also adding it to the CAS on Sunday Challenge, which is “Masculine.”

And now I have a couple WordPress questions for those more experienced bloggers out there:

  • Is there any way to embiggen the size of the font in my posts? I dislike how small it is.  Is font size a function of the theme? I am using Matala.
  • How come some of my posts do not show their tags or comments below them in the scrolling list, even though I know they have them, and other posts do? What’s up with that?

Dazzles & Kraft Paper


The new challenge on the Simon Says Stamp Wednesday Challenge Blog is to use kraft paper, so I thought, how would Dazzles look on kraft paper?  Not every kind of Dazzle would work, nothing too holographic or shiny, or modern-looking.  More organic forms and colors.  So I looked through my stash and this is what I came up with:


These fern stickers are a kind of soft pearlescent green, with gold trim.  I affixed them, added the sentiment, then sponged the top left and bottom right corner with VersaMagic Aloe Vera chalk ink and Brilliance Galaxy Gold pigment ink (both by Tsukineko), to give it some depth.

Here’s another shot where you can see the pearlescent color better:


I also tried some copper-colored leaf stickers:


The leaves here were, again, more open than I anticipated, so once I placed the stickers, I carefully — oh so carefully — colored inside the stickers with Copic markers.  They come out quite dark looking on kraft paper, so I used the strongest versions of each color I had — R46, YR68, Y06, and G07.  The markers bled a tiny bit outside the borders of the stickers, but not fatally so.

The sentiment is from a Fiskars set called Make a Wish Quotes.  It is birthday type sayings for, um, older people.

I’m finding Dazzles are not perfect — they are so thin and delicate that they can tear, buckle, or fail to adhere if you reposition them too much.  It helps to pick them up and move them around with the tip of a kraft knife or tweezers instead of your big clumsy fingers. 😉  But if you respect them, and work with their limitations, you can get amazing results, and no one will know how easy it was!

First Project: Dazzles


As mentioned, Dazzles are the first item on my stash list, and the first project I want to work with.  “Dazzles” are a particular kind of high-end papercrafting sticker, made by Hot Off the Press.  I get mine from the Paper Wishes catalog.  Similar kinds of stickers are made by companies like Magenta, Elizabeth Crafts, Starforms, and others.

These sort of stickers are very complex, delicate, and elaborate — here’s an example.  They are meant to mimic the look of heat embossing without going to all the trouble.  They come in everything from sentiments, to bling, to borders, to very delicate, intricate designs, large and small, for scrapbooking and cardmaking.

Here are my Dazzles and similar sticker sheets:


So my first project is pretty basic: just mounting a selection of Dazzles on a card base, and letting the stickers be the emphasis.  It’s basically the same technique as the Valentine’s card from last entry.

I formed a 5 x 5 card base from a sheet of lavender pearlescent cardstock.

I then mounted three Dazzles, graduated in size, onto white card stock to highlight their blue sparkle color, and give them some stability.  Like this:


I’ve found these stickers are very, very delicate, and the adhesive is strong, so you do not have to burnish them much onto the substrate.  Just use your fingers; don’t use a bone folder or you could tear them up.

Then I fussy-cut them out.  Fussy-cutting can give spectacular results, but I don’t usually have the patience for it.  But these round shapes were not that elaborate, so I managed it.  When fussy-cutting, it’s a good idea to run some pigment in a matching color around the edges of the cuts; it hides little imperfections and gives the cuts a cleaner look.  Here, I used the narrow tip of my Tsukineko Brilliance Galaxy Gold Dewdrop ink pad, as the borders of the Dazzles are in gold.

I then layered the three Dazzles in the center of the card with dimensional adhesive, and added the corner brackets.  Even using my grid mat, it was hard to get those corners to line up right.  I was not entirely successful.


These particular round Dazzles for the central medallion are lacier than I realized before I unmounted them, and left several open spaces of the white base cardstock showing through.  I was not confident of my ability to cut these tiny holes out well with a craft knife, so I just left them. It looks all right.

And that’s it.  These sort of stickers are so intricate, they are good if you need an impressive-looking card in a hurry.  No one will know you just threw some stickers on there.  They’ll think you slaved away.  Last year I forgot to make my husband a Valentine’s Day card, so at about eleven o’clock at night I dug up a red card base, and stuck some of the pink and gold heart Dazzles from the last post on it, and embossed a sentiment inside.  He was suitably impressed.

This card, with the soft pastel colors, might be good for a new baby card. Or maybe for Easter, or a wedding.

First Project: Dazzles, Valentine’s Day Card


The first item on my stash list to use is Dazzles, a particular kind of high-end papercrafting sticker.  I will have more on them in a future post.  But right now I wanted to make a card for the newly discovered (well, by me) “Shopping Our Stash” challenge, Love Me Tender. And I have some heart-shaped Dazzles, so I was able to fulfill both goals.  Here it is.


I cut down a regular A2 Recollections glittered pre-made card to a 4.75 x 4.75 square, to better frame the stickers.  Then I mounted three of the heart-shaped Dazzles stickers onto white cardstock, to let their pink color show through, and give them some stability.  I then layered the stickers with foam dimensional adhesive.  I also used some Glossy accents on the foam dots of the bottom layer, to help it adhere to the rough surface of the glittered cardstcok.

Other than that, I left it alone. I didn’t want it to be too busy. I think the glitter and the gilt are quite enough!

I’m excited to be joining the Shopping Our Stash challenge, and interested to see what other crafters upload too.

Update: I’m also adding this card to the Catered Crop Valentines’s challenge: Heart of the Matter.

And again, the Simon Says Stamp Wednesday Challenge, Have a Heart.  Because why not?

This card also is a happy fit with the Card Concept Valentine’s challenge, “Monochromatic Pink.”  I’d call this card the “Clean and Layered” style — I layered the heart elements, and the “white space,” in this case, is glittery pink space — but it’s a Valentine’s card, it should be special.