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Fusion Challenge Number 7


I ought to have been cleaning the house today — some people are coming in town soon for visits — but instead I made cards. Oh well…

I made a card for the Fusion Challenge number 7:




So far in my work for Fusion, I have combined the inspiration photo and the sketch — but this time I just used the photo; the sketch is too fussy for me.  Here’s my card:




The elements is used from the photo are, the script, the brick wall, a textile, and the color gold.

I used kraft paper for the base. I created the brick texture myself by scoring the card in a brick pattern, and then lightly tracing the lines with a white gel pen, to represent the mortar between the bricks.  (Believe me, if I had a brick-texture embossing folder, I would have used it!  But I don’t, and I realized I could do it myself.)

The script is the Impression Obsession “Script” Cover-a-Card background stamp.  The twine is hemp, from Lawn Fawn.  This is the first time I have ever used twine on a card.  The faux seal is made from gold hot glue — one of the very first techniques I learned, way back in the day from one of those old papercrafting books you can get at the library, like I told you. 🙂  And I stamped it with a fleur de lis, because I live in New Orleans.  My husband found that stamp for me.

I own neither a dress form stamp nor die, and I probably never will.  That girly, vintage kind of stuff generally doesn”t interest me.  However, the script on the dress form, and the twined scarf, made me think of an old-fashioned letter tied with string and sealed with wax, and that’s what I was trying to invoke here.

It’s too bad about the sketch, but it’s just too busy for me. I didn’t want to mess with it this time.

Here’s another shot of the card, an angle I’ve seen Gayatri Murali use a lot:




It looks better when Gayatri does it.  Her camera must have a macro setting.  Mine doesn’t.

I’d like to get a better digital camera so I can take better shots of my cards.  Mine is a Canon Powershot.  Any suggestions?

Anyway, my card looks nothing like the sketch, and not much like the picture, but I feel like it is a good interpretation of the challenge nonetheless.  I like it.

I have another Dazzles project to show you, but I don’t think I am going to be able to show you that tonight.  Maybe not for a couple days — I have a rough couple days coming up at work.

Until then, happy crafting everybody.