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Online Card Classes: Stenciled


I’m taking part in the Stenciled class at OnlineCardClasses.com .  I find this a good way to invest money in the hobby:  you learn lots of new techniques, and you have lifetime access to the classes, so you can work at your own pace, and go back and review things from prior classes if you need to.  The prices are very reasonable, and as well as videos and a message board, you get PDFs explaining how to make all the featured cards.

Stenciled, of course, is about using stencils on cards. Stencils have been around for ages, but they seem to be having a renaissance right now.  They’re good for layering, and backgrounds, and you can do so much with them. And they’re cheap.  They’re a good stash investment, I think.

Here is my first card, just basic ink sponging through the stencil:


Hexagons were a definite trend last year.  But I’ve always found hexagons to be a uniquely pleasing shape, so I went ahead and invested in several hexagon products — stamps, dies, stencils, a punch.  I’ll be able to use them long after the trend has died, and that’s OK, because I like them.  If a trend comes along that you genuinely like, I think it’s OK to indulge in it.  Just not every trend that comes along.  The chalkboard stuff that’s so popular right now does nothing for me, so I haven’t bought a piece of that.

I added a couple epoxy domes to two of the hexagons to highlight them.  The sentiment is a Momenta sticker.

Sites and Things to Avoid


Things to avoid if you are trying to crash your stash.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but these are some websites you might want to avoid while you are trying to crash your stash, so you are not constantly tempted to buy new things you don’t need.

Blitsy — you definitely want to stay away from this crafting “daily deals” site, which puts up a whole new raft of good, desirable crafting supplies for sale every single weekday.  Everything from Distress inks to Spellbinders dies to Avery Elle stamps — stuff you actually want, and would pay money for.  Quantities are limited, and some things sell out fast, which increases the sense of urgency.  But the sale prices really aren’t all that great, and that, coupled with the fact they they take PayPal and you don’t have to fuss around with credit cards, means you could easily bankrupt yourself.

You’ll want to stay away from the other crafting “daily deals” type sites, too, like Crafty Steals and Peachy Cheap.  The temptation is just too great.

Scrapbook.com — Scrapbook.com is a great site, where you can buy almost anything you want under the papercrafting sun, and which hosts forums and a community to show your work, and has good sales on a regular basis.  But you at least want to avoid the homepage, which has a “new items” link right on the front, where they list items new in the warehouse every single day. And they carry a LOT of product lines, so you can waste quite a bit of time (and money) just on the homepage.  If you use the gallery and forums, I suggest bookmarking them and then accessing them on your computer that way, and avoiding the homepage altogether.

The Moxie Fab World blog — No onus on Cath Edvalson, who lately wrote this blog, or the staff of Paper Crafts magazine; it’s a good blog, with lots of giveaways and inspirational posts.  But Moxie Fab World is specifically a trend-watching blog, which means they’re always featuring new things.  Things that you’ll want to buy.  New stamp sets, new paper collections, new embellishments, new everything.  Trend-watching I think is something you want to avoid if you are trying to use what you already have. Because trends change constantly, which means, if you want to stay on trend, you have to buy all new stuff.  If you are on a design team, or are submitting your work to the papercrafting magazines, you’ll need to be aware of and use trends.  But if you are just a hobbyist like me, save your money and get inspired from the treasures you already have.  That’s the whole idea of this blog.

These are just the things that came immediately to mind when I thought of sites that would tempt us away from crash-stashing.  If anyone has any other ideas, please add them in the comments!