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A Christmas Tip


I just found that Lindsay the Frugal Crafter has a “stash-busting” Christmas card tutorial on her blog from October, using patterned paper and washi tape, here.  If you like crashing your stash, you might want to check it out.

If I find similar things, I’ll add them here too.

UPDATE: Here’s another one at Lostinpaper.  A similar technique, using random strips of paper, but a very different outcome.


Updated the Stash Yet Again


Argh, I keep finding stuff!  I have updated the stash yet again:

  • alcohol inks
  • a sumi-e (Japanese ink painting) kit my dad gave me for my birthday last year
  • Bo Bunny Serenity Collection Kit
  • Vintaj Patina inks and metal blanks for jewelry and charms

The alcohol inks I have used a fair amount, but I feel I haven’t really stretched their capabilities yet — I’ve really just done the “faux stone” technique on glossy paper, and used them to color a couple metal charms.  I bought them, because one of my favorite parts of papercrafting is trying out new tools and techniques.  But once I did the obvious things with them, I really didn’t know what else to do with them.  Any suggestions?

The Japanese ink painting kit was a gift from my Dad.  He admires my papercafting; I was touched that he got me a crafty gift.  I have tried it, and not had much success — as I’ve said, I’m just not good at painting, I just have no instinct for how to control wet media like paint or inks.  But I saw a book at the library, and maybe if I study up on it I can have more success.

The Bo Bunny kit is an Asian-themed kit, so I got it, because I love Asian-themed stuff, and just squirreled it away.   I got it super-cheap a while back on, so I don’t feel too bad about it.

The Vintaj Patina stuff I got cheap on, because I liked the idea of it, but like so much other stuff, once it got home it went into a drawer and was forgotten about. I also got several of their Deco Etch and Deco Emboss folders to use in a die-cutting/embossing machine, to texturize the metal blanks.  The idea is, you emboss a pattern in the blanks, then color them with the Patina, and then sand them to reveal the pattern in relief against the Patina.  Really, it doesn’t look that hard.  I just need to sit down and try it.

And so, it gets added to the list.  The ever-growing list …

Another Update


I updated the stash again!  Something I had completely forgotten I had:

  • Martha Stewart matching metallic pigment inks and markers

Not sure what I’m going to do with those.

I am working on another Dazzles project. Should have pictures in a day or two. I also made two Valentine’s cards for my husband, and let him pick which one he liked better. I was a little surprised when he picked the more imperfect, but more sentimental one.  The other one was prettier, but he found the sentiment impersonal.  I used my stash for both!  If he lets me, I’ll upload pictures of them tomorrow.

Hope everyone had a Happy Valentine’s Day!

The Stash I Want to Crash


So, when I say I have a lot of stash to crash, I really mean it.  It is shocking.  What follows is a list of all the items I own that I have only used once, or a few times, or even not at all, and that I plan to mine for the “Crash Your Stash” project.

  • Dazzles stickers
  • A turquoise Inkadinkado ink stack
  • several Recollections cardmaking embellishment packs
  • Embossing folders
  • Glitter pre-folded cards (DCVW, I think)
  • Assorted Punches
  • Inkadinkado Stamping Gear Deluxe Set (round)
  • Shrink Plastic
  • Twinkling H2Os (a kind of iridescent watercolor paint)
  • Foil cardstock
  • Inkadinkado Scene Builder stamps, Space theme
  • Tim Holtz Distress markers (and other markers for different techniques)
  • Distress Stains
  • blue and green coordinating embellishments in bottles (forgot the name, but I got the set at Michaels)
  • Bo Bunny decorated brads
  • ERA Graphics Petroglyph stamps
  • Hero Hues layering paper in Foliage color scheme
  • Hero Arts Shadow Stamps
  • Sakura Glaze pens
  • Sakura Souffle pens
  • Spica glitter pens
  • assorted packs of Studio G shaped cards
  • Studio G one dollar sentiment and image stamps
  • Recollections distressed cardstock (different from Tim Holtz, just generic cardstock with a distressed finish)
  • Acetate sheets
  • Distress Stickles
  • Martha Stewart jewel-tone dry glitter
  • hexagons (stamps, dies, chipboard shapes, etc.)
  • assorted wafer-thin metal dies
  • almost the complete line of My Mind’s Eye Indie Chic papers and embellishments
  • assorted birthday stamps, papers and embellishments (you can never have too many birthday cards)
  • washi tape
  • washi sheets
  • Tim Holtz Fragments (little acrylic shapes for stamping and jewelry)
  • Peg stamps, assorted sets
  • Vellum
  • glitter tape
  • American Crafts self-adhesive ribbon
  • sundry blank ATCs in all sorts of media including wood veneer and sheet metal
  • watercolor pencils
  • various colored embossing powders
  • wood veneer embellishments
  • enamel dots
  • mistable chipboard shapes from various vendors
  • eyelets and an eyelet setter
  • various unused Cricut cartridges
  • Inka Gold pigment
  • Martha Stewart matching metallic pigment inks and markers
  • alcohol inks
  • a sumi-e (Japanese ink painting) kit my dad gave me for my birthday last year
  • Bo Bunny Serenity Collection Kit
  • Vintaj Patina inks and metal blanks for jewelry and charms

See, this list is just crazy.  I never meant to be a hoarder, it just ended up that way. I’ll bet there’s other stuff, too, that I’ve completely forgotten about.  If I find anything more, I’ll add it. (UPDATE: And I have, several times.)

But the good news is, if I work with just one of these products a week — and plenty of them I could use for more than one week — that should take me clean through most of the year, up to the holidays as the plan requires.  Stick to the list and I should be too busy to worry about buying new things.

I’m actually excited to work with some of these things that I’ve had for so long, and neglected. Onward!

A Tour of My Stash


So I thought I would show you my stash that I intend to crash, to give you a better idea of what I am talking about..  This is a tour of my craft room.

This is my craft room/office. I am fortunate to have it.

my craftroom/office

PC on one side, craft desk on the other.  This works very well for me.  The pink rolling cart contains most of my tools that I use regularly — adhesives, inks, embossing powders, glitter glue, and various embellishments of which I have too many — three drawers full!

This grocery bag contains all the stamps and stamp sets I have bought and have yet to use.

a whole bag of unused stamps!

Filling this bag was a big part of my decision to go on a stash-crashing, supply-buying moratorium.  This is just crazy!

This gray rolling cart contains the bulk of my wood-mounted stamps.

an overflowing cart of rubber stamps

Please don’t call Hoarders on me!

It is so overloaded, the drawers are falling off the tracks.  I really ought to upgrade, but to what?

These clear shoeboxes hold my clear and cling stamps.

Shoeboxes full of clear stamps

This system works well for me.  I tried binders, and just didn’t like the way I had to pull a whole binder off the shelf, and they way the pages flopped around while I searched for individual stamps.  This way, I can see  what’s in the individual boxes, and just grab the box I need.  I labeled the boxes by theme with clear packing tape.  They also stack nicely.

a huge stack of paper pads

Here are my all my patterned paper pads.  It was quite a job hauling all these out!  Wait, no, actually, this isn’t even everything — it doesn’t include all the 6 by 6 pads.

This is just a taste — there is even more stuff crammed into my office I didn’t dare show you.  (Luckily the picture of all the crap piled on the sofa didn’t come out.)  But I think this is enough to make the point — I have too much stuff. I need to use it, and use it up!

That’s what this whole project is about.  I’m sure you agree — it has to be done!

What’s in your stash that you’d like to use up?